Ever walk past a rock climber's car and notice a "Gravity Works!" sticker on the back? You think these guys are onto something. No matter how well they prepare, no matter how good they are, they know gravity simply works.

In 2018 two crazy, passionate individuals clipped in and set out to put their dent in the universe. A few months later they stumbled across another nutter who shared their love for finding better ways of work and tequila. It was inevitable, they were now three.

Then, armed with collective decades of transformative experience, they started helping organisations transcend their "Gravity" moments in a pragmatic and people-centric manner, having as much fun as possible on the way.

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Slide Slide Our Clients Each client & project is unique

Slide Our Approach

Although we have deep experience in the application of scaled agile toolsets, frameworks and methodologies,
we believe behavioural transformation is essential to successfully scaling agile ways of working across organisations.

Individuals and teams We focus on coaching individuals and teams fulfilling leadership roles in our clients’ organisations.

Transforming the upstream culture, environment and delivery structures enables downstream benefits like speed, increased productivity, profitability and predictability.

Our people-centric approach

Engaging with people is what we do. Agility hinges on the quality of the interactions between people.
We help our clients to create environments where people thrive.

Active leadership

Our leaders are actively involved and provide our coaches with ongoing guidance and support.

We ensure alignment between observations on the floor and the accumulated learning that exists within Gravity Works’ diverse network of agile professionals

Slide AGILITY AT WORK Your way of working journey is your own.

Each step leads to another.

Like summiting the majestic mountains in the Himalayas, there is no one path, the path reveals itself as you move forward.

We use our diverse skills, knowledge and experience to help guide you along the path.

Successful and sustainable way of working transformations is underpinned by clear strategic intent, bull-dog determination and a set of deliberate actions.

We take a fresh, analytical and data-driven approach.

We provide tailor-made solutions which include;

Skills development and training
Leading-edge Consulting, Advisory and Organisational Design
Way of Working Coaching

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